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The Catena Artistorum (CatenArt) is a non-profit support network for dedicated young and emerging artists. To help them fulfill their mission, the Catena provides :

  • cross-cultural residencies to nurture and challenge their creative life;
  • a fellowship conducive to mutual enrichment and collaborations;
  • introduction to influential artists and inspiring mentors;
  • exhibition and performance opportunities.

CatenArt Residencies

Every year, the Catena Artistorum offers international residencies open to artists from all disciplines and backgrounds. With their home-base strategically located in culturally vibrant centers, such as Berlin, Barcelona or New York, the “CatenArt Residencies” are designed to nourrish and inspire artists through:

  • the discovery of local artistic treasures and traditions;
  • introduction to influential artists, curators and institutions;
  • fellowship and collaboration with artists from other countries.

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ArtyShow is an art space opened in early 2015 to provide exhibition and performance opportunities for young artists. The space comprises an indoor surface of 200 Sq m. and a courtyard of 100 Sq m.

ArtyShow is located in the ‘Poblenou’ neighborhood, in Barcelona. This neighborhood, once industrial, is now home to a vibrant and youthful art community. Artists’ studios and other creative hubs such as Bau (School of Design) and the Museum of Vila Casas Foundation have blossomed in this area over the past decade.

A collective [BA1] was created two years ago in order to promote and support non-profit initiatives, especially in the arts. ArtyShow is set to become an active member of the collective. Meetings such as art talks, lectures or workshops will also take place at ArtyShow.

ArtyShow wants to coach artists in the early stages of their career. It relies on the observation that, after graduate school and a few years of studio work, what young artists need the most is a place to show their work so they can receive feedback from a diverse audience.

ArtyShow will also make its space available for other cultural, non-profit organizations.

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