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By supporting Catena Artistorum, you allow us to provide serious emerging artists with inspiring conversations, workshops and residencies. The precarity of their financial situation is a challenge for the great majority of artists, and particularly for young artists willing to explore uncharted territories. Creators deserve more than investors, they deserve critics, curators and collectors who believe in, and wish to encourage their work. Become part of a long tradition of ‘patrons of the arts’ and help us kindle and expand the flame of creation and beauty.

You can support Catena Artistorum by:

  • becoming a member;
  • patronning an artist;
  • sponsoring a project;
  • sharing your space/network.

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Become a member

Members pledge an annual support of CHF 50 (€ 50 / $50). They are the backbone of the Catena Artistorum, ensuring a steady, reliable income to fund its ongoing programs throughout the world: studio visits, exhibitions, concerts and residencies. In counterpart, members receive prime access to ressources and network opportunities.

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Sponsor a project

To reach out to a larger audience and engage artists in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural collaborations, the Catena Artistorum offers a variety of events, including exhibitions, concerts and international residencies. Sponsors of a particular event will have their donation acknowledged in our communication materials for that event (both hardopies and online). To access a listing of our upcoming events, and related funding needs, Read more

Share your space or network

The Catena Artistorum is willing to expand its range of activities, in order to offer an ever richer network of opportunities for young artists dedicated to a spiritual and truly human conception of art. To that purpose, we appreciate and will consider offers of collaborations in spaces located in cultural hubs, as well as introductions to any actors of the art-scene sharing in the goals and spirituality of the Catena. Contact us through the dialogue box below for suggestions and questions in this regard.

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