Cinema and Identity

Cinema and identity- International Residency

5-17 February 2019

The residencey will take place in Berlin on the sidelines of the Berlinale Festival 2019.
It is intended principally for the artists from the field of video and film production, as well as photography.

Through the eyes of the cinema, the participants will be invited to explore the topic of man’s identity, identity which, in essence, is defined by relations, an ontological «we».

As part of a multimedia workshop under the direction of Edgar Honetschläger, Austrian artist, filmmaker and Rubén de la Prida Caballero, Spanish film critic, the artists will have the opportunity to make short films that will be screened at the end of the residency.

The screening of a selection of Berlinale films, visits to workshops and meetings with various artists working in Berlin, will be inspiring for artistic creation.