Yarina Shumska in ArtyShow

Performance and graphics from Yaryna Shumska

September 2017

Yarina was in ArtyShow some days ago and gave a beautiful performance using space and nature in a spirit of contemplation.

Graduate and PhD student of Lviv National Academy of Arts (Ukraine),  Yarina obtained a grant in the program “Gaude Polonia” of the Minister of Culture of Poland (2013), Resident of the Poznan University of Art at the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Actions. She took part in sevenal Ukrainian and international exhibitions and performance art festivals in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Israel, Japan, Thailand, USA. Yarina is multidisciplinary: painting, performance art, installation and dance. She is particulary interested in researching of the spaces with human presence, looking for situations that reveal dual reality, the ambiguity of certain items, places, situations.

“In my works, I explore the nature and specifics of certain environments, spaces, and objects, when the concept of “presence” provokes changes in the primary significance of the places and situations. I’m interested in the subject of a person who is in a state of hesitation and uncertainty, in revealing of the double reality and the notion of ambiguity. My works are connected to the environment. Each new place includes special environment, the community that creates a new situation. It gives a possibility to feel the local life.”