Pigment Gallery, 06.09.2018

Opening of the exhibition of works by ukrainian artists vasyl savchenko & uliana kulchytska

September 8, 2018

On September 6th 2018 took place the opening of the exhibition of works by Vasyl and Uliana at the art space of Pigment Gallery in the splendid 5 star Miramar Hotel located on the top of Montjuic close to Barcelona and overlooking the whole city.

This is the second CatenArt art event taking place in Barcelona thanks to the fruitful collaboration with Pigment Gallery and its dynamic owner Ferràn Josa. Ferràn has decided to offer CatenArt the space of its gallery each September to exhibit young artists selected by the association.

The space is excellent for our purpose. The artists were very satisfied to exhibit their works since the light and the walls are very appropriate for such an exhibition. The “accrochage”, two days before the opening was a moment of friendly and happy gathering with Ferràn, Vasyl, Uliana and myself.

The opening was a success. Many friends and some artists assisted and discovered the works of both our artists. Vasyl and Uliana explained their works and answered to all questions. I felt a real bonding in the assistance.

The exhibition will be opened til the end of September.

I seize the opportunity first to thank Ferràn for his commitment to work together with CatenArt. I also like to thank you the Miramar Hotel management for allowing us to exhibit our young artists. And finally I am also thankful to Vasyl and Uliana for coming to Barcelona from so far away, Lviv. But I am particularly happy to to know that both were so interested in discovering and appreciating my home town.

Vassyl Savchenko

Nowadays we live our life, filled with the expectation of something. We start to forget who we are and why we exist. The «Human Expectative» is an unfinished concept of the body and mind, connected to the anthropoids. In a contemporary world we speak only about ecology, artificial intelligence, cosmos, but, start forgetting about human. The main idea is to present the dialog between a science and art in the contradicting way of art media.

Uliana Kulchitska 

Reading the Swaab’s book ‘We are our brains’ the Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) brought my attention. It got me curious since earlier I had a reflection on the absence in every aspect of existence. Actually, absence is always associated with something negative in society. After discovering about the BIID, I have looked from another perspective on it. It opened the way for further reflections. Everything you will see is the result of passing this information through my own experience.