Tere Unsain

Tere Unsain

September 5, 2017

I met Tere the first time a few years ago, may be ten. It was in Barcelona thanks to the introduction of her cousin Enrique. I talked  to Enrique several times about the artistic work of Tere.

My first encounter with her was not only about painting but about our own life experiences and personal convictions. It was definitely very enriching for both of us.

I then contemplated her paintings and immediately understood the message Tere was conveying through her works. There was a very human dimension in all of them, but not only because many of them were portraits. In fact all portraits were like surrounded by a specific landscape that seemed to fit the persons represented. I asked Tere about her feelings in this respect. She reacted immediately by saying that it was all about « fusion ».

A few months later i asked Tere to make a tryptic of my three sons. She was enthousiastic about the project. She asked them what environment, landscape, place they liked most. They first said the Costa Brava but finally prefered to have Barcelona. Tere visited us in Geneva and Barcelona several times. She took many photos of them. A few months later we got the tryptic. It was gorgeous ! The three boys were very impressed and ready to take with them their own portrait but finally decided to leave it at home. They were happy to see themselves together.

I have been following Tere’s evolution and can state that she has reached a very high level of maturity in her work.

Tere has expressed interest in the principles of promoting art at CatenArt, our Swiss association. She is very welcome. We hope we can develop further through our international events young artists who believe in their way that art is a tool of peace and human values.

Xavier Gonzalez Florenzano


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