Testimony of Yarina Shumska

Testimony of Yaryna Shumska about Barcelona’s Residency 2016

novembre 24, 2016
Yarina, artist from Ukraine,  took part in the Catena’s Residency in Barcelona last summer. She gives us her testimony…
« I have so many feelings after that, but in the same time it is so difficult to express all this. I participated in different festivals and residencies before, but this one was very special for me. This combination of spirit, hearts, art, prayers, museums, churches… And also the people were very important for me. It made a great mix that touched me and inspired me so much. During these days in Barcelona, I was crying every day because of these emotions, meetings, feelings, freedom that fulfilled me, it was a very strong experience for me. I felt so happy there, so full of life and I could not contain all this in me, it had to exit to the exterior. And it still goes. The program was amazing, thank you! All the people we meet are a kind of mirror for us and show direction for our life.
Thanks to Catena for this time and possibility, big thanks for people who helped us, who supported us without staying in Barcelona. Anyway, our roads are crossed now, and I feel as a part of this big world family where we are all together. Thank YOU!!! »